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In science, hypotheses are proven through repeatable experiment: a reaction and a compound are created by mixing specific chemicals in specific amounts, an electronic circuit generates a specific and controllable signal given specific circuit topologies, a force applied to a specific mass produces a repeatable result. These experiments can be performed over and over yielding the same result. In school, prospective scientists are required to do labwork to learn the techniques of their field of study and the rigors of the scientific method. They are required to write a lab report detailing the steps and data taken throughout the experiment. As in every field, there are weak students and cheaters. In science, the technique of choice for these cheaters is the paper lab. The paper lab is a technique wherein the cheating student does not execute the labwork or generate real data. Instead, the cheater works backwards from the result, using the theory, to build a lab report that provides a plausible description of what they should have been doing: in essence, the description of steps taken and data recorded are fabricated to support the theoretical known outcome. It is extremely difficult to expose these cheaters unless the contrived intermediate data is clearly unrealistic. These unethical individuals often make it through the system and into the workforce where they waste corporate resources and cause great damage to their employers and society in general. With the exposure of hacked data and emails (see http://theblogprof.blogspot.com/2009/11/searchable-database-of-hacked-cru.html), it has become clear that the "scientists" at the Climate Research Unit (University of East Anglia, UK) of the UN's International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have generated a paper lab on global warming: something long suspected given their unwillingness to provide the data used to generate their lies. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of this multi-trillion dollar fraud is the role played by the media.

The paper lab generated by the global warming "scientists," led by CRU director Phil Jones, is one of the two primary reasons that the industrialized economies are running massive deficits and debts; not to mention the devastating effect this bogus work has had on the third world. The Warm Mongers have successfully used this paper lab to support the false hypothesis that CO2 creates global warming. This fraudulent hypothesis has been used to legislate the constraint of the development of American fossil fuel sources, the addition of unnecessary cost to the manufacturing and the automobile industries, and the limitation on the expansion of power plants to meet energy needs. These actions, taken together, have resulted in trillions of dollars in unnecessary and excessive costs over the last nine years alone. It is quite appropriate that frauds like Jones and his co-conspirators are government employees (the UN, NASA, Penn State, Colorado U., et. al.), giving a new meaning to the phrase, "political science."

Quite simply, Jones and his co-conspirators should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and science left to real scientists: those who have to earn their keep every day in the private sector and not those on a government sinecure.

Perhaps the most frightening part of this fraud is the role the media played in it. The media pushed the conclusions of the global warming frauds. Supporting the economically crippling and unnecessary political actions taken in support of this paper lab without considering and airing the arguments of the skeptics. The same media labeled these skeptics kooks, flat earthers, and greedy capitalists; likening them to deniers of the Holocaust. All without a rigorous debate over the hypothesis and an evaluation of the data set. At no time did they explore legitimate climate change theories: plate tectonics, precession and nutation, the variations and anomalies of the earth's electromagnetic field, or solar flare cycles. The traditional media has done true scientists and environmentalists a disservice that will be difficult to recover from.

The questions that the Warm Mongers always ask are: "Why would they fake this? What could they possibly gain?" Well, just look at Al Gore; from $2M to over $100M in net worth in less than 9 years. Money and power change everything.

I am reminded of the story of the meeting of Western environmentalists with Eastern European environmentalists after the fall of the USSR and communism. After hours of listening to the Western environmentalists tell the newly free Eastern European environmentalists how they should act and what they should do to "fix" their environment, one of the Eastern European environmentalists stood up and said, "Stop right there. What you are recommending is what we have just been freed from. I know what you are. You are not environmentalists, you are watermelons: green on the outside and red on the inside."



  • Median Police salary: $50K
  • FBI agent base salary: $48K
  • Avg 2006 FBI overtime: $12K
  • 24/7 Army Sargent salary: $28K


  • Stimulus(2) Spending: $775B
  • Average Joe Salary: $50K
  • Stimulus/Avg Joe Salary: 15.5M
  • Total under/unemployed: 17M 
All numbers rounded to simplify comparison


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