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Making New Arrangements

Most people would like to forget 2009. The change that swept into the Oval Office and Congress in January implemented its less is more policy with a vengeance leaving dreaming Americans in a nightmare of joblessness, homelessness, and hopelessness. Our President has succeeded in turning the Office into a toothless sound bite where words speak louder than action because every action is a misstep. Our Congress has completed its conversion into a House of Lords picking our pockets with a front loader and legislating for us what we want and what we need despite us telling them we don't want it or need it. Our Supreme Court now has a sitting Justice who believes that justice is not defined by law but by a person's sex and ethnicity with the prospect of more like-minded Justices to come.

The problem is: the world is not a closed system. Less is NOT more. Value is created and prosperity expands. Unfortunately, the way value is created is through the competition of ideas on the battlefield of implementation. After these battles, the field is strewn with the bodies of the failed. Companies whose Intellectual Property lost to superior Intellectual Property close their doors and the people in those companies lose their jobs. Fortunately, the companies who win on this battlefield expand and absorb the business and employees of those who failed. This is the nature of progress: expand, purge, consolidate, stabilize, expand, etc.

This is a concept alien to both lawyers and legislators; that success is rewarded and failure is punished. When the natural process of progress is interrupted, the pain only increases. On the battlefield of implementation, the weapon of last resort is price. When low prices can no longer sustain the endeavor, a noble cause is brought to its demise in bankruptcy and honorable competitors left -- briefly -- without jobs or income. When the government bails out the failures and keeps their inferior Intellectual Property in competition, it hurts everyone. The failures continue to bleed people, and the successes have their rewards deferred and their expansion postponed. Instead of relief, we get agony prolonged. This is the nature of a jobless recovery and that is why this recovery will remain jobless until the failures are allowed to fail. So much for hope.

Our new president has accomplished little positive in one year. He has refused to recognize the Islamofacist nation that is at war with the non-Islam world. This policy has made us less safe. It has provided cowards with rights they have no claim to. It has put our military in extreme danger in the field. It will place regular citizens in danger in New York city and -- if the terrorist prison at Guantanamo Bay is closed -- will place the citizens of Illinois in unnecessary danger should these Islamofacist terrorists be moved there. The President has empowered the EPA with the authority to regulate the gases we breathe on the basis of the bad science of the Eco-terrorists/alarmists whose man-made global warming scam has been disproved. He has spent the country into perpetual recession and destroyed our economy. His economists and financial officers are chasing the best and brightest in our financial industry to work for other countries creating wealth for them and impoverishing us. He has sold our future and our children's future for the price of the office of the President. And his energy policy has reinforced our subservience to the oil cartel of Russia, Islam, and Communism. All in the name of his own glorification.

Congress has ignored the will of the people. It legislates Universal Health Care where no legislation is needed. Creating an "entitlement" that will result in less care with lower quality and higher prices. It allocates monies for bailouts and failed stimulus plans as though a printed piece of paper has value by virtue of its printing. As Congress plays their fiddles on Capital Hill creating new unfunded entitlements, Social Security has run deficits for 7 of 11 months through November of 2009, Disability Income (the DI of the OASDI tax on your paycheck) has run deficits for 50 months with a $21B deficit for 2009 alone, and Medicare continues to fall apart with health care icons like the Mayo Clinic walking away from it. These Congressmen -- the sons and daughters of the previous Congressmen and politicians who created this entitlement nightmare -- spending money that is not theirs just like the royalty of old, responding to the outcries of the over-taxed, "Let them eat cake."

I wonder: will Congress legislate that doctors must work as doctors and not leave the profession, institutionalizing occupational slavery?

We can expect no relief from a Supreme Court that has already thrown away the Constitution, arming this profligate Congress with the power to legislate whatever they want, destroying individual property rights, and now preparing to aid and enable the transformation of our great country into a progressive socialist dictatorship.

When we ask, "How much should we give?" Oh they only answer More! more! more! Their lust for power so great that they see us only as statistics and interest groups. No longer citizens, now subjects.

Time to make our own decisions as to who we help and what we do with our money: the value that we have created is not theirs to allocate. We are not children. We are not employees. We are not subjects. We are not slaves. We are free people. Try as they might, that is something they can never change. If Social Security and Medicare are soon to be bankrupt, what type of person would require a 21 year-old to pay into the program for their future? Only a Congressman.

It is time to end unnecessary entitlements and programs and put our taxes where they are supposed to be. No more tax funds for art. No more tax funds to research mice. No more tax funds for airports with 2 flights a day. No more tax funds for ACORN. Fund the programs we pay for so that we'll get them when we need them like we were promised. I say vote every one of these politicians out. Certainly, get rid of the Legacies: the Kennedys, the Clintons, the Dodds, the Reids, the Bidens, and on and on. Vote them out everywhere. Vote them out of Congress, out of State governments, and out of Local governments. Replace them with real people, people who have worked for a living, people who will protect us and let us make our own decisions and our own prosperity. We need a States Federal Constitutional Convention to put an end to all the unconstitutional laws that have been forced on the American people under the guise of "interstate commerce." We need to take our country back.

Time to make new arrangements.



Social Security

  • Avg Annual Income: $45K
  • Annual SSI Tax: $7K
  • Annual Medicare Tax: $1.5K
  • 45 years of SSI: $315K
  • 45 years of Mecicare: $68K
  • $315K @ 5% for 45yrs: $630K
  • $68K @ 5% for 45 yrs: $136K
All numbers rounded to simplify comparison


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