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Mad As Hell

I think we're all tired of being angry. Tired of being demonized, diminished, dismissed. Tired of being told what to do. Tired of being made to do things we don't want to do and shouldn't have to do. Tired of people denying us our right to our bodies and our lives.

Tired of having choice denied us.

We are a free people. That can never be denied. No legislation can take that from us.

Today, in Massachusetts, our voice will be heard.

We are not angry with Socialists. We are not angry with Progressives. We are not angry with Wall Street. We are not angry with Big Oil. We are not angry with Muslims. We are angry with all the evil people who have brought us and our great nation to this point.

Socialists are not evil. Republicans are not evil. Acorn is not evil. Bankers are not evil. A group or an organization cannot, in itself, be evil. People are evil.

Evil is a simple thing manifested in the actions of evil people. An evil person takes something from us; our dignity, our trust, our money, our lives. A good person gives us something. A person who gives us something that was not theirs to give because they have taken it from others is nothing more than an evil person using the fruit of their evil actions to consolidate their own power and wealth, hiding behind a benevolent smile.

Today, in Massachusetts, our voice will be heard and our power demonstrated. We are coming for them; every single evil one of them who have mortgaged our children's future and sought to take our freedom. Today we continue the battle to take our country and our lives back from them. You know who they are; legislators who seek to redistribute our incomes, restrict our freedom, and legislate our choices.

They say that people who worked with Ted Bundy found him likable; he murdered women as he voluntered on the suicide help line. He committed his evil then smiled at the unknowing. We are coming for them, the Ted Bundys of Washington, Massachusetts, the Congress, the States, the counties, and the cities of America.

Lincoln freed the slaves. Obama will not enslave the free.

We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore! 



Massachusetts Voters

  • Democrats: 1.6M
  • Republicans: 500K
  • Independents: 2.1M
  • Dead Voters: 150K
  • Votes for Coakley: ?
  • Votes for Brown: ?
All numbers rounded to simplify comparison


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