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Slow Learners

What happens when ideology ignores reality, when belief takes precedence over fact, when deadlines are placed on the pursuit of truth, when slow learners are given control of our destiny? We get an America in the dire state that it is in today.

We are in the midst of a great recession. A recession caused by the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). The CRA was enacted by ideologues (Progressives) and wielded to force financial institutions to make mortgage loans to high-risk borrowers. With the Progressives holding the reins of the dogs of financial regulation, institutions made interest-only and adjustable-rate loans to people they knew would default. They even made the infamous NINJA (no-income-no-job-or-assets) loans under the threat of regulatory persecution. None of this was economically viable. Then, when the inevitable failures occurred, the Progressives blamed the financial institutions and labeled it greed. It was stupidity. The same Progressive stupidity that proposed, -- AND IMPLEMENTED IN THE MIDST OF THE WORST RECESSION WE‘VE EVER HAD -- a solution of re-financing these loans to the same high-risk mortgagees who were now, again, in default.

But that wasn’t enough. The defective thought process of the Progressive sought to create a new tax base from the gas we all exhale; CO2. The same gas that plants use to create the oxygen we need for life. After decades of warning that a new Ice Age was coming, the Progressives began to tell us that we were now in danger of Global Warming. When the warming trend disappeared in the new century, they changed its name to Climate Change. All of which, they blamed on mankind. A cadre of faux-scientists claimed, “the science is settled. The debate is over. We must eliminate CO2 production or be doomed.” These faux-scientists have been exposed: every single one of them from “climatologists” at Colorado University and Penn State to “scientists” at the UN’s IPCC research centers and, now, NOAA and NASA. Their pattern is familiar; manipulate simulations to support their theories, cherry-pick data and data sources, perform bogus statistical analysis using these biased data sets, deny access to the data and tools they used to those who might invalidate their research, and suppress contradictory research and the expression of alternative theories.

And they still weren’t done. The Chosen One has told us that Health Care Reform will force companies to insure people with pre-existing conditions. Come again? By definition, insurance is purchased to mitigate the risk of a FUTURE contingency, NOT AN EXISTING ONE. In order for the Progressive version of Health Care Reform to work, people who don’t want or need insurance MUST BUY IT. Why? Why, to provide the resources to take care of those insured who are already sick, of course. This is not insurance, this is simply a government medical care tax. It is a larger version of Medicare; and we all know how that is going. Actually, I am being presumptuous. Like Medicare, any revenues received into the Treasury will just end up being mixed up with all the other revenues and pissed away by Congress and the Executive branch on tax payer funded jets and private airports, the same way they have pissed away the 10’s of Trillions in Social Security and Medicare that we have all paid-in over the years.

Our biggest problem is that our government is overwhelmingly populated by slow learners. Lawyers who cannot add 2+2 and have trouble with the exact definition of “is.” Legislators who tell us with a straight face that we must borrow and spend our way out of the worst recession in our history when profligate borrowing and spending is what created the economic catastrophy. People who think that scientific outcomes can be manipulated to fit ideologies and advance agendas. Ideologues who don’t understand the fundamentals of economics, actuarial science, and the word insurance. Slow learners who think Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts was a reaction to Bush and Cheny, and not Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

What part of “we don’t want any of your policies or programs and stop spending OUR money” don’t they get? Given their ages, I don’t think there’s any hope for these slow learners. In nine months we need to send most of the worst of them home for good.


Hardly Working: 365 Days of Obama

  • Speeches: 411
  • News Conferences: 42
  • Interviews: 158
  • Town Halls: 23
  • Flights: 353
  • Fundraisers: 28
  • Rallies: 7
  • Met with Foreign Leaders: 74
  • Rounds of Golf: 29

Bush's First 365 Days:

  • News Conferences: 21
  • Fundraisers: 6
  • Met with Foreign Leaders: 115
  • Rounds of Golf: 7

Green Power:

  • US Energy Consumption: 30TW
  • Total US Land (acres): 2,300M
  • 30TW of Wind (acres): 1,200M
  • 30TW of Solar (acres): 300M
  • 30TW of Nuke (acres): 1.5M
All numbers rounded to simplify comparison


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