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The Two Americas

There are two Americas: the American Federal Government and the American People. The American People are not bankrupt, they are not corrupt, they keep their promises, they work hard, they live by the rules, they pay their bills, and they are not slaves to their Government or to anyone in the world. It is important that the American People NOT equate their identity with that of the American Federal Government. The small group of EVIL people in this country need to link the American People to the American Federal Government. These EVIL people need us to believe that they can -- through the vehicle of the American Federal Government -- make us do what we do not want to do. They need us to believe that our rights come from them: the American Federal Government. They need us to believe that the American Federal Government controls us. They need us to believe in Socialism and Communism. They need us to believe that the government, not the people, solves problems.

We know this to be grossly untrue.

Times are hard, and many of us are -- for the first time -- afraid of our future. Is that fear justified? The simple answer is yes and no. If you are a government employee-- Federal or otherwise -- the answer is yes. If you actually do real work for a living -- even if you are unemployed -- the answer is no. For the first time ever, people receiving a substantial part of their income because of the government is over 50% (nearly 53%, to be precise): this is unsustainable.

Please now take the time to think about a single product or service, other than safety/protection, that the government provides you.

Imagine a country where the EPA finances transportation projects and NASA is a climate research organization that has nothing to do with space travel. That is today's reality.

Now consider what the government does for you. Last year, employees of the SEC (the guys who were supposed to have known that Maddof and Stanford were running Ponzi schemes) and the National Science Foundation were found to be spending most of their time watching pornography on the Internet. And these are the SMART government employees. Federal government employees are twice as likely as to not pay taxes as the rest of us. The replacement for Charlie Rangle is another tax cheat.

The EPA prohibits the commercial conversion of gasoline/diesel engines to natural gas for the purpose of resale (the US is the Saudi Arabia of natural gas and nat gas is a renewable resource) even though there is no technical or environmental reason. Despite the fact that we have more than enough oil and gas to power our nation for over 100 years, we are not allowed to drill and produce it because of problems with technology from more than 40 years ago. Needless to say, nuclear energy is both clean and cheap: except for all the useless but expensive government impediments to their implementation. One of the great problems with our government is that by the time they have identified a problem, it has already been rectified. With the exception of Verner von Braun (who was a Nazi with obvious motivation to work for the government), I cannot name one significant government scientist. I can, however, name hundreds of private sector scientists who changed our world.

So, for those of you out there who deliver the materials, flip the burgers, bandage the wounds, give the injections, teach the kids, handle irate customers on the phone, fix the cars, build the houses, repair the plumbing, grant the loans, grow the food, assemble the products, stock the shelves, design and build the circuits, work the cash register, drive the bus, fly the plane, clean the rooms, maintain the roads, or produce the fuels you have nothing to worry about: life will only get better. However, if you work for the government, you may want to consider the following: with 53% of Americans getting a paycheck dependent on government; how long do you have before your check bounces? do you really think you'll get a pension? if so, from who?

There are two Americas: one that works, and the parasitic one that feeds off the hard working, free people of this country. If you are not a lawyer, if you are not a social scientist, a historian, a philosopher, a journalist, or a government major, come join us. Leave the government job and find a real job. When government falls apart you will eat, you will live, and you will survive. Come join the American People. We will survive the disaster that is the American Federal Government.

There are two Americas: which do you belong to? It's not too late to change.


10 Worst Legislators

  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Harry Reid
  • Barney Frank
  • John Murtha (deceased)
  • David Price
  • Maxine Waters
  • Henry Waxman
  • Barbara Boxer
  • Alan Grayson
  • Charles Rangle
  • Sheila Jackson Lee
All numbers rounded to simplify comparison


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