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Of Climate Change, Health Care, Oil Spills, and Economies

If we are to believe the coalition of fear and hate known as the Progressives, climate change, health care, the BP oil spill, and our economies are all disasters. Disasters that government can fix. Nothing could be further from the truth. Climate change has been happening since the world was born; the human race has nothing to do with it and there is nothing it can do to stop it. In the case of climate change, Darwin was never more correct: adapt or die. Health Care in the U.S. has never been better; the soaring costs for health-care are specifically the fault of the government. The oil spill in the Gulf the result of government suppression of on-shore energy development. And the state of the U.S. and world economies, again, the fault of government meddling in the free market in the name of economic justice.

The Progressivesare closed-system sycophants. Nothing proves this more than their belief that mankind is the cause of climate change. With the sun an average 93M miles from the earth, the earth goes circling around the sun at an incredible 2K+ miles per hour while spinning on its unstable, wobbling axis at a rate of 1K miles per hour. The sun spews billions of tons of matter at us every time there is a sun flare and the only protection we have from solar radiation is a magnetic field often depicted as uniform but, in reality, quite erratic. Meanwhile, the earth's axis and its ocean currents change with tectonic events such as earthquakes, eruptions, and subduction. Small perturbations in the most predictable parts of our earth's rotation -- tilt, precession, and nutation do more to affect the climate of the earth than anything mankind has done in its entire existence. Yet, the Progressives assure us that they can fix and control climate using wind and solar energy: a solution that would require most of the open land on earth, yet would not provide energy when the sun don't shine or the wind don't blow requiring alternative energy production (oil, gas, coal, nuclear) of equivalent capacity to cover down time.

Just fifty years ago, people could expect to live into their 50s. Today, due to improvements in nutrition, sanitation, and medicine, lifespans have broached the 75 year mark. Individual failures in health are mostly due to poor lifestyle choices by the individual: smoking, alcohol intake, physical inactivity, and poor choices in prophylaxis during sex. A large group of people are also affected by the unfortunate inheritance of genes leading to chronic diseases and the susceptibility to other illnesses. The cost of health care has exploded due to the government's inept management of Medicare, Medicaid, and other government managed health programs such as the Veteran's health care: just prior to Obamacare's takeover of the health care industry, the government managed 50% of the population's health care. Fraud of government health care amounts to 20% of expenditures; god only knows how much abuse/overuse represents, but it's safe to say at least as much as fraud.

Just fifty years ago, if a new proceedure improved outcomes, that proceedure was limited to those who could afford it. Over time, costs came down as the proceedure improved and more doctors became adept at executing it leading to widespread availability at a reasonable cost. Today, once a proceedure is proven effective, regardless of cost and capabilities, it is available to all. This unrealistic practice has caused costs -- and malpractice risks -- to skyrocket. Regulation has added delays and costs to such a level that multi-Billion dollar companies like Quintiles exist specifically for their expertise in managing trials through the government system; with actual validation of new drugs and treatments being a small part of their actual activities and government approval its only goal. Why are we surprised when approved regimens prove deadly to more than they help?

The Deep Horizon oil spill is the responsibility of government regulation in so many ways it is hard to start. In the same fashion -- but with less altruistic intent -- as Dean Smith was the only one who could keep Michael Jordan under 20 points in a game, our current energy dependency is strictly the result of bad environmental policies. These Progressive policies resulted in the sequester of coal and natural gas resources capable of making us energy free for the next 200 years and a legislated oil dependence that could easily have been mitigated by the use of nuclear energy.

The disaster of the oil spill was a direct result of the failure of regulators to do their job: they gave the Deep Horizon a clean bill of health just weeks before the explosion despite a blowout preventer that had been inoperative for months if not years. Additionally, the emergency plan developed for just such a disaster was never implemented because it was never more than reams of paper; something Progressivesare good at generating. Once the rig sank and the oil started spewing out, President Obama sat in Washington and did nothing. The good people of the Gulf states screamed for help but those screams fell on inept ears: no booms, no berm, nothing but words on what a disaster the evil oil companies had visited on us. And, later, when it was found that there were naturally occurring bacteria (clearly evolved due to the natural oil leakage in the Gulf) cleaning up the spill where it floated, nothing but silence again as mother nature did the job man could not. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of oil workers remain out of work due to an unconstitutional moratorium on drilling implemented by the eco-terrorists of the Obama administration.

Finally, there is the economy. Economies are, by nature, free market. Just ask the Russians whose planned economies produced MIGs with electronics built of tube transistors while our fighters flew with low cost, light weight, small integrated circuits. Healthy economies will always go through boom and bust cycles. These cycles are initiated by paradigm changing innovations that add value to our lives -- the auto, radio, TV, semiconductors, PCs, the Internet, etc. -- they are followed by a bust as over-inflated prices and non-value-added services and products that benefited from the boom drop or disappear. The current state of the economy is a direct result of the government propping up prices for autos and homes that were not worth what they cost in 2004. The economy will not recover until these prices drop to their real value. We may have some time to go with this administration continuing to believe that they can fix everything.

The one message we would like to get through to our Progressive President is please stop helping us before you kill us. Unless, of course, that is his real objective.



  • 1 sq mi of people -- 3.1M
  • Population of Earth -- 7B
  • Area required for 7B -- 2.3K sq mi
  • Size of Delaware -- 2.5K sq mi
  • Avg household size -- 4 people
  • World bldg. footprint -- 38K sq mi
  • World road footprint -- 32K sq mi
  • Size of North Dakota -- 71K sq mi

All numbers rounded to simplify comparison


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