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Three Things -- One To Know, Two To Do

There are three important things that should occupy your every waking hour for the next 31 days: WE are in a war with the most vile and evil enemy ever to walk the earth, WE have the power to neutralize their most powerful weapon, and WE must purge them from government and send them in full retreat on 11/02/2010.

Thing Number One:

In a conventional war, we know the nation-state origin of the enemy. The enemy wears a uniform and -- if the nation-state is a signatory of the Geneva Convention -- they fight by specific rules. Terrorists seek to hide their individual identity. Their allegiance is the only thing we have to identify them by. They respect no rules of conflict. We can occasionally identify them by their race, ethnicity, or religion as we do the Basques, the Irish, and the Muslims who are the ETA, the IRA, and the Islamofascists.

But make no mistake, we are in a war unlike any we could have imagined with the Progressives. The Progressives have attacked us at our core. They have eschewed the weapons of violence and the physical nature of battle for those of propaganda, indoctrination, and subjugation. They have moved directly to the enslavement of the American citizen by taking over our country at the polls and using our own government, illegally, against us. Socialism is their endgame. We never saw it coming. They have sought to kill God. They have corrupted our election process. They have trampled our constitution. They have pit family against itself in a way more divisive than during the Civil War. They have split us by race, religion, geography, age, sex, and community. They have handicapped multiple generations of poorly educated dependents through their takeover of the school system. They have legislated science. They have institutionalized theft. And they demonize anyone who fights to retain their God-given freedom and rights. These are evil people, make no mistake.

We never saw it coming. How could any American believe that its government would impose Socialism on them? How could any American believe that its President and the Congress would ignore the Constitution? How could any American believe that its government would be BIASED against them because of their color, their ability, their religion, the state they lived in, or their age? Well, here we are: October 1, 2010.

So, what do we do? How do we fight back? We know that the Progressives will counter with some treacly argument, it is their arsenal of hate and fear: Republicans health care reform is for people to just die, carbon dioxide will melt the polar ice, Republicans will make you go to their church,  Republican banks will make you borrow money or buy a house you can't afford, Republicans will make it legal to buy incandescent light bulbs, Republicans will kill gays, etc.

Thing Number Two:

What we do is fight the Progressive/Socialists with the only weapon they are defenseless against: value. Stand by God. Continue to work hard and speak honestly. Most importantly, consume nothing. Consumption is the reflection of the value we create in the world. Without consumption, the great American teat that the Progressive/Socialists desire to share with all will run dry. Without consumption, the fuel necessary for the success of the Progressive/Socialist enemy -- jobs and tax revenues -- will dry up.

Refuse to purchase anything you can put off for the next 31 days. Don't close on a new home purchase until November 3. Don't buy an new car until November 3. Don't buy Christmas presents until November 3. Don't buy anything you don't need until November 3.

Thing Number Three:

Vote. Vote early. Vote Absentee. Encourage anyone you know who has had enough "Hope and Change" to vote for Freedom and Liberty.

There are three things to keep in mind for the next 31 days: we are at war with the Progressive/Socialists, we can starve them out by denying ourselves for 31 days, and we will vote in numbers not seen in generations -- this election and every election from now on.



  • 1 sq mi of people -- 3.1M
  • Population of Earth -- 7B
  • Area required for 7B -- 2.3K sq mi
  • Size of Delaware -- 2.5K sq mi
  • Avg household size -- 4 people
  • World bldg. footprint -- 38K sq mi
  • World road footprint -- 32K sq mi
  • Size of North Dakota -- 71K sq mi

All numbers rounded to simplify comparison


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