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Roberts' Gift: The Path to Limited Government

Imagine, if you will, what would have happened if Obamacare had been found unconstitutional because of the individual mandate and the coercive language of the Medicaid expansion clause. All would be right in the Tea Party. Glenn Beck wouldn't have spent two hours ranting. Everything would be on schedule: Obamacare down, and the purge of "Progressives" from Congress and removal of the Fascist from the White House on schedule for November.


pbo and the "Progressive" hoards had already vowed to find a way to fund Obamacare should the individual mandate be declared unconstitutional. Do you really believe that these creatures would have let the Medicaid expansion -- the path to single payer -- be eliminated because of a few poorly chosen words? No, they would have gotten back to work and figured out how to re-phrase their single payer gateway.

Does anyone remember how difficult it was to get rid of the perverted "Progressive" cloacal sphincter mouthpiece, Anthony Weiner? Does anyone believe that anything less than an act of God can remove the cretin, Nancy Pelosi, from her "Progressive" enclave of San Francisco? And what about the "Progressive" Republicans John McCain, Orin Hatch, and Lindsey Graham?

Ever since the Tea Party bloodletting of 2010 we've known this would be a long battle against the evil "Progressives." All we accomplished in 2010 was the first step in taking back our country from the Communists, Socialists, Statists, and Fascists that hide under the "Progressive" umbrella with the Democrat symbol on it. Real Democrats fled the party and became Independent Conservatives. You can bet that as soon as the "Progressive" slime take their foot off the Fascist gas peddle -- like they always do when they've been exposed -- these weak minded converts will slip right back into the "Progressive" fold as "Democrats." Can you say Sisyphus? 

No. John Roberts gave us five gifts. He lit a fire under the Taxed Enough Already Party. He seriously crippled the "single payer" movement by removing the teeth of the Medicaid expansion. He handed the keys to the White House to Mitt Romney. He provided the tools for the removal of at least 40 Congressional "Progressives" this election cycle. Most importantly, he lit the path to limited Federal government.

Joe Wilson said it, now we know it's true: Obama lies. Obamacare is the largest tax increase on the American people in history. His attorney's spun it as a Tax and that's what it is. Like the TEA Party says: no mas. Time to clean house. Time to unload the "Progressive" cultural Socialists and the Republican corporate Socialists.

Single payer is done. There will be no more wordsmithing. We're hip to their chicanery and homey don't play that game no more. The States now have their opt-out and you can be sure they'll exercise it. As bad as California and New York want to implement the expansion, they will be unable to afford it. Thank you SCOTUS.

Romney should start measuring the curtains for the White House. pbo has destroyed the American economy, is responsible for the greatest tax increase in history, and is a proved pathological liar.Clair McCaskill is gone. So are most Democratic Senators who voted for this tax increase. What would their defense be? They are stupid because they were so easily misled? They are liars? No, they are stupid liars. As for Congress, do the trolls like Wasserman-Shultz really think that retirees don't know that she was principal in the theft of $500B from Medicare and complicit in the conspiracy in this massive tax increase? The worm has turned and the "Progressive" caucus is scheduled for a RIF.

Finally, every law that addresses a "problem" costs money. That's a fact. Congress needs to begin dismantling the Federal beast, not solving problems that don't need solving: it's called life, folks. Less is more. I am amused at the outcry by prominent Conservatives that the ruling on Obamacare means that the Federal Government can tax anything. Where have these brilliant Conservatives been the last 50 years? There are Federal taxes on gasoline, cigarettes, alcohol, cell phones, the Internet, electricity, natural gas, real estate transactions, tanning, medical devices, estates, gifts, tires, coal, air transportation, bonds, stock transactions, non-profit hospitals, snuff, sugar, cars, wagers, vaccines, ship voyages, fishing gear, capital, marital status, prescriptions, and I'm sure I'm missing some. So please, enough with the Casablanca surprise that the Feds can "now" tax anything: it's been that way since the sixteenth amendment. Give it a rest.  

The first action of the new Conservative government in 2013 should be to pass a Constitutional Amendment limiting the level of Federal Taxation thereby limiting the size and spending of DC. Anything else would be a waste of time and effort. Thank you for reminding us, John Roberts.




pbo's Acomplishments

  • First $Tr deficit
  • 60% increase in Federal debt
  • First downgrade of US debt
  • Unable to pass a budget
  • First disgraced cabinet member
  • Largest tax increase in US history
  • Execution of US citizens w/o due process
  • 100 days of golf
  • Misuse of executive privilege
  • Most un and underemployed Americans ever
  • Worst economy since the Depression

All numbers rounded to simplify comparison


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