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Mom, Baseball, and Apple Pie

Note: As I write this, I watch Muslims stomp on a picture of our president's face on the body of a dog on the US flag.

For those of us who have been a part of this great nation for their entire lives, and those who braved dangerous seas, spent their life savings, and risked persecution and deportation to come here, we know that there's something special here. This is a place where anything is possible. It's a culture.

For us, there is nothing more American than Mom, Baseball, and Apple Pie.

In this country, even now when many mothers are the family's breadwinner or there is no father, mom is the core of the family. She has our respect, our attention, and our admiration. Unlike dad, mom can motivate us with a word. No one says anything bad about our mom. I see this in Michelle Obama.

This is not the experience of our president. In fact, I question whether his mother was like the mom we as a nation share. My mother never had a chip on her shoulder. She loved America. Everything she did she did for her kids. This is not the mother I see in Stanley Ann who whipsawed her son from man to man and place to place. When my mother died of cancer, I was on the other side of the country and unable to get to her hospital bedside strictly due to the physical constraints of time, space, and flight availability: it is something I will regret 'till the day I die. I was not on a book tour and if I had been, I would have left work -- which I did in my mother's case -- without notice. Our president had more important things to do.

Baseball, to paraphrase a movie, has brought America through the hard times. It is a sport which exposes the Obama administration's failed philosophy, for in baseball as in America we work together to win yet we are quite on our own when it comes to our individual success. There is no lonelier place in any group activity than the pitcher's mound. There, with each pitch, a single individual determines the fate of his mates and devoted fans. In baseball, unlike any other sport, there are second, third, and even forth chances to succeed. It is the only sport that has an action known as a "sacrifice." This is America. This is something our president, sadly, knows nothing of.

Apple Pie. There is nothing like it. It is concieves images of the Forth of July, Summer, and bounty. It is universal: apples grow everywhere in this country including Hawaii and Alaska. But in 2008, our president yearned for sweet potato pie. Why? Because he needed to win North Carolina to be elected president. Don't be surprised to find that the president's taste has turned to Key Lime Pie this year as he needs to lock up Florida and North Carolina is lost to him.

Mom, Baseball, and Apple Pie: these are as alien to our president as he is to America and us


prelim to a disaster

  • Americans on the FED dole: 49%
  • Total OFFICIAL gobmint employees: 7.5%
  • "Private sector" gobmint employees (Quintiles, "Non-profits," HR Block, etc.): 10%
  • Private sector employees: 33.5%
  • Who pays the ALL bills?: 33.5%

See "The Challenge Ahead" next

All numbers rounded to simplify comparison


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